Current Projects

Free ultrasound screening to detect high risk pregnancies
Reduce neonatal and maternal mortality
Basic prenatal vitamin and care
Current Progress:
First team in Haiti has been trained and is in the process of expanding the network of organizations to offer this free ultrasound screening services.  However, since the earthquake, our outreach has been limited to providing support to an OB/Gyn and a midwife in Haiti. We are continuing to provide equipment and training support to our teams in Haiti.

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In, kids are creating art to raise money for a charity of their choice. Please make a donation to the charity through All donations are tax deductable. 100% of the donation will be given to the charity.


Create an online source for sharing of ideas and resources for NGO's and missionaries in foreign countries.
1. Create an online webpage with social networking capabilities
2. Encourage missionaries and NGO to check and post their works online
3. Share incoming resources, such as short term volunteers or importing shipment of goods and medicines
4. Event calendar to notify others
5. Fellowship
6. Network with potential volunteers and donors
Current Progress:
Launch date was 2014 in Haiti. is a website that will try to encourage a seemingly random act of love in a mondane world.

A thank you card for the millenials.

One that you can keep for ever and share forever.

Midwife / Skilled Birth Attendant Training

Start midwife training with the same USA standard of care to increase level of care and decrease mortality
Create long sustaining quality jobs. 
Current Progress:
The original training facility has been damaged due to the earthquake in Haiti.  We are waiting for a new facility.
Web Design Training
Start a company that will provide website and graphic design in third world countries.
Create long sustaining quality jobs.
Current Progress:
The original training facility has been damaged due to the earthquake in Haiti.  We are waiting for a new facility.
Visiting Professor Program
Coordinate with major University/Urban teaching hospital with visiting missionary physicians to give lectures and share latest medical information with the host country.
International physician to physician interaction & networking.
Current Progress:
We are developing this physician lecture program in Haiti.  First projected lecture was started in September, 2009, where Advance Trauma Support was taught, and are ongoing.  We are hoping to expand our lectures to other professions: Lawyer, Architects, Engineers, Enterpreneurs, etc.
Missionary Vaccination & Travel Assistance
Provide at cost vaccination and emergency medication travel kit to missionaries.
Offer necessary travel vaccination at a discounted price to missionaries or groups (yellow fever, typhoid, etc).
Offer emergency medication travel kits to have as a last resort pharmacy supply in cases of emergencies.
Provide medical travel advice and support
Current Progress:
We are actively providing medical services to missionaries and church groups.

We support Sung and Young Park on their 16 year journey across the USA. The purpose is to spread the Gospel to churches across USA.


With early success with helping ministries get up to 1 million views per month, we will expand our marketing assitance to churches and ministries at no cost.

We teach marketing techniques such as StoryBrand, TalkTriggers, Crossing the Chasm, Purple Cow and more.

Join us as we bring digital ministry to the current standards.

"Your Kingdom come, ONLINE, as it is in Heaven."